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Ventilators have been curated to provide efficiency in breathing to any individual who encounters adversities in systematic respiratory processes on account of certain medical impairments. The IDST Hospital is equipped with ventilators of the highest quality to deliver extensive care to its patients.
These life-rendering machines have been imported from the finest manufacturers from all over the world to ensure excellent healthcare and standards. A regular checkup of the machines is carried out, along with disciplined follow ups to ensure that the machines in each ward are sterile and fit to use.


The reputation of any surgical hospital depends on the standard and quality of its Operation Theatre Complex. The well-being, hygiene and safety of a patient are important, and therefore, OT complexes are isolated from other surgical suites and wards. The OT Complex at IDST hospital sets the bar high in terms of sterility, cleanliness and supervision.
We aspire to provide paramount benefit to our patients. Therefore, we indulge in regularization of all the surgical equipment used. We have kept both the present and future needs in mind while planning.
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The Intensive Care Unit is specifically devised with the purpose of efficient management and control. Postoperative symptoms for ICU admission encompass prolonged duration of the operation. The Post-Operative ICU comprises of expert staff that has been specially trained for the respective duties, mechanical ventilators, balloon pumps, dialysis machines and various other technically sound support devices.
In an atmosphere specially curated to diagnose, stabilize and synchronously treat the most drastically ill patients, there are extremely qualified nurses who work in a devoted manner with ancillary staff.


Highly trained and skilled personnel form the staff unit of our IVF clinic. Our human resources provide an adequate atmosphere to execute the required tasks with utmost care and required safety measures. The materials used in laboratory construction ensure high cleanliness and quality standards.
The laboratory is accessible to authorized staff only, while the design of the laboratory assures safety of cells and patients. To minimize air contamination, we maintain positive pressure. The equipment used in our clinic is disinfected on a regular basis to safeguard the patients from consequences of contamination.
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The IDST hospital extends round-the-clock emergency services to the patients with extensive care and attention. Our emergency unit has been specially curated with equipment that fulfills international standards. Our state-of-the-art equipment and skilled personnel handle any emergency bearing positive results.
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